Are you inspired by thoughts of home — or by how we construe space more generally? Your work may be right for our upcoming issue, which will offer textual explorations of the spaces around us.

Of course, thanks to the house, a great many of our memories are housed, and if the house is a bit elaborate, if it has a cellar and a garret, nooks and corridors, our memories have refuges that are all the more clearly delineated. All our lives we come back to them in our daydreams.—Gaston Bachelard

We are also considering regular submissions, and we seek highest-quality work on any theme to round out the issue.

Send submissions as Microsoft Word file, PDF, or .rtf file to Submissions must be received by June 1 to be considered for the issue, which will be published in the fall. The editor for this theme issue is Jo Van Arkel.

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