Even in the landlocked Ozarks, we dream of fresh ocean breezes. Issue editor Patrick Moser brings a taste of salt in our Spring 2013 issue, the Ocean Issue.

Poet Eleanor Berry begins the issue by demonstrating she knows exactly how we feel with “Inland from the Edge” (in which she notes that things “grow differently/in sea-damp air”).

An excerpt from C.E. Poverman’s forthcoming novel Love by Drowning is a titillating glimpse into a psychological mystery thriller set by the sea.

And two very different nonfiction offerings take us to California, with Moser’s interview of surf culture icon Steve Pezman, editor of The Surfer’s Journal, and onward to Kauaʻi, where we surf with Carlos Andrade in the personal essay  Pae i ke one (“This is the type of wave that’d broken my favorite board the day before. … I throw myself forward and into the hole as the wall comes over—survival squat, five on the nose—tucked in as much as my walrus figure allows”).

Other writers in the issue include Cynthia Atkins, Walter Bargen, Jay Bennet, Kevin Boyle, Cynthia Dockrell, Deborah Doolittle, Allen Dunn, Katharyn Howd Machan, John McGowan, Gerard Nadeau, Jeffrey Schuster, and Dennis Vannatta. Our cover art and issue design are by Aarin Wilson.

To pick up a copy of the Ocean Issue, write us at gingkotree@drury.edu.

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