There is much to be said about the body -- whether it is a husk to hold the spirit or, as Whitman
maintains, it is the spirit. Everything about the body is worthy of
consideration -- from its mechanics to its uses and its eventual decay. The
editors of the 2015 edition of the annual literary journal Gingko Tree Review
invite your submission of poems, stories, essays, and literary works that defy
category for the Body Issue. Regular (non-body) submissions are also happily
considered for this issue.

To submit, please send work now through May 1 via
our e-mail address, (Submissions sent after May 1 will be
responded to next spring.)

We invite submissions of up to six poems/short
prose pieces or a single longer work of up to 6,000 words. Work must be
unpublished (including blog or other online publications) and original to the
author. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, but please withdraw any piece
immediately when it is no longer available (and replacement submissions are

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